AirWorks and DataSight Announce Strategic Partnership for More Efficient Map Production

Through this partnership, two industry leaders create a one stop software solution for map production from aerial imagery and point cloud data.

BOSTON, MA AND LAS VEGAS, NV – February 8th, 2023 –  AirWorks and DataSight announced today that they have entered a strategic partnership that will enable customers to quickly extract 2D and 3D line work, as well as break lines, through each of the company’s proprietary softwares. The two solutions will now be integrated into a single platform to offer users greater convenience and ease of use.  

DataSight has a SaaS product called 'Breakline Builder' that assists topographic map production by quickly and accurately extracting break line data from point clouds. AirWorks’s Automate™ solution is powered by patented AI models, and quickly extracts planimetric features from ortho imagery and point clouds. The collaboration brings added value to customers who naturally want fast and accurate break line creation along with their base maps. Both companies enhance the process of creating survey-grade outputs in record time, empowering companies to deliver more projects faster. 

“We’re excited to partner with DataSight to offer our clients a more complete solution for break line creation which will further optimize their workflow and speed up project delivery times. Together, both AirWorks and DataSight now have the unmatched opportunity to benefit clients by giving them the ability to conveniently create complete and actionable base maps in a single platform.” said Adam Kersnowski, co-founder and Chief Evangelist of AirWorks.

Users will be able to request break lines powered by DataSight’s Breakline Builder directly in AirWorks Automate™ when placing orders, optimizing their workflow and ensuring data consistency and project reliability throughout.  

“With AirWorks we are creating a one stop shop for customers to get fast and accurate planimetrics and break lines. By bringing together these software solutions, we are providing unique value through fast, accurate and efficient mapping that can’t be found anywhere else.” said DataSight CEO Kurt Whorton.

Break lines powered by DataSight will be available to all clients on the AirWorks platform in the coming weeks. To learn more about the two companies, visit &


About AirWorks 

AirWorks empowers project managers to deliver more projects, faster. Our geospatial intelligence solution quickly produces line work you can trust. By putting reliable data in your hands, we give you the tools to make the best decisions, reduce risks, and be more efficient. You can depend on our accuracy and quality to keep your team and clients happy, making it easier to grow your business as the market leader. Win more bids with AirWorks. 

Media Contact: Maria Lisac


About DataSight

DataSight is a US-based geospatial company that processes point cloud data, agnostic to the collection methodology, using cloud-based software to produce data that is highly accurate, incredibly fast, cost-effective, and immediately actionable. DataSight specializes in automating breakline extraction from point clouds using patent‐pending software. You can find additional information on DataSight at

Media Contact: Heather Boschke