AirWorks Press Release - October 11, 2019

(MIAMI, FL, October 11, 2019) Today at the ASCE Conference, Boston-based AirWorks announced the pre-release of their web-based AI-powered software that autonomously converts 2D and 3D aerial data into CAD and GIS engineering base maps. Users will now be able to quickly upload their photomosaic and point cloud files, define project boundaries, and download CAD files in minutes, versus manually labelling projects requiring weeks of work.

AirWorks is offering two subscription models that provide users the option to use a fully autonomous version to complete final rework themselves or access AirWorks’ drafting services to produce the final deliverable in record time. AirWorks’ software offers numerous client benefits: dramatically improved accuracy and quality control of aerial mapping projects, minimized drafting time, reduced costs, better talent utilization, increased profitability, and higher customer satisfaction.

As an ASCE Platinum Sponsor, AirWorks presented today during the opening Plenary session and is showcasing their software in the Experience Pavilion and via private meetings during the conference. Customers are invited to sign-up to get early access to the AirWorks software. First access grants began today and will continue on a rolling basis over the coming weeks.

“To build on the spirit and excitement of ASCE’s Future World Vision, we made the decision to announce the pre-release of our web-based software at the ASCE Conference. We are delighted by the initial reaction to our software solution which leverages artificial intelligence to help with simple, repetitive tasks, and gives professionals more time for quality control, and design work. We’ve already seen AI transforming a number of industries and now it’s time to leverage the benefits for engineering, construction, and transportation.” said David Morczinek, Co-Founder and CEO, AirWorks.

AirWorks has been working closely with engineering companies to develop their software and has signed the following customers to be part of the pre-release roll-out, including FM Global and Coastal Engineering:

“We believe that this AI-based technology from AirWorks has great potential to be adapted for property risk management by identifying property hazards from the air that couldn’t otherwise be easily or safely identified,” said Michael Lebovitz, senior vice president, innovation, FM Global.

“AirWorks has been an instrumental partner in helping us to speed up and supplement the coastline mapping process through the use of UAVs and aerial data collection. Their end-to-end workflow approach has made us more efficient and able to provide better service to our clients and their projects,” said John A. Bologna, President and CEO, Coastal Engineering.

Visit us to learn more about AirWorks and to sign up for the software pre-release.

About AirWorks
Headquartered in Boston, AirWorks was founded in 2017 by David Morczinek and Adam Kersnowski whose complementary backgrounds in the aerospace and construction industries forged the idea of applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate aerial data processing.

AirWorks’ builds automated software for civil engineering and land surveying professionals to extract value from UAV and other aerial datasets. Through proprietary machine learning and aerial mapping technology AirWorks can convert any aerial dataset into site plans in CAD fully autonomously, speeding up the current process by weeks. The AirWorks platform is the fastest way to convert aerial data into CAD linework and topography, access existing information in one centralized database, and download CAD drawings or GIS layers.

Media Contact:
Lisa Clarey-Lawler
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Sales/Demonstration Contact:
Chad Varney